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Y- The 'Y' factor

Y -  The 'Y' factor  - YOGA :
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One of the best things that happened to me last year was a Yoga vacation to Sivananda Ashram in Madurai, India. I had been yearning to go their Ashrams for a long time. The floods in Uttarkashi last year ruled out going to their Uttarkashi ashram.
Moreover Madurai was just hop-skip and jump from Salem where I go on work almost every month.
That is how I ended up in Madurai for a Yoga vacation for 15 days to spruce up my Yoga Practice. It was the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation  that I have ever had.

As they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

 My first attempts at Shirasasana ( the Head stand) were clumsy and I was not sure if I was meant to learn it. With my teacher, Shaju’s patience and encouragement , I have kind of gotten over the fear of falling down.
This reaffirmed in me the faith that one is never too old to learn . Unless you want to learn to compete at the Olympics. 

Sivananda Ashram Madurai, India
August 2013
Picture shot on Apple iphone 4S

Sivananda Ashram Madurai, India
August 2013
Picture shot on Apple iphone 4S

Neyyar River, Kerala India
April 2014
Picture shot on Nokia 520 

Neyyar River,  Kerala India
April 2014
Picture shot on Nokia 520

This time around I am at the Sivananada Ashram at Neyyar Dam in  Kerala.

This ashram, built on the banks of the Neyyar river is dense with lush greenery around. At the Ashram, with a set routine and discipline I am up and awake to watch the sunrise by the river on most mornings. Needless to say the view is breathtaking.

Sivananda Ashram Kerala India
April 2014
Picture shot on Nokia 520 

With a rigorous four hour schedule of Yoga classes and other mandatory activities, the Ashram life keeps you on your toes the entire day.  For the last two weeks I have been unlearning and relearning much more than yoga asanas.

Not all of that can be explained, it can only be experienced.

My fight with the 'X' factor seems to have been temporarily conquered as I put on a T-shirt with size M and not even L leave alone XL written on its collar. 
Now maintaining this is going to be a different ball game.

But I am taking it all one day at a time. J

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  1. Wow-Good for you that you can do those moves. The pictures are beautiful


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