Friday, April 11, 2014

J - Jayanthi has hit the Bloggers block

J – Jayanthi has hit the bloggers block
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Bloggers block
Picture shot on Nokia 520
April 2014
I knew this would happen. Readers …I warned you about it.  This is my Achilles Heel.
There are times when all great writers experience writers block . J
OK …. Not so great writers also experience writers block.

In the era of blogging this condition is known as Bloggers block.  
Since I am being a self proclaimed botanist (Gulmohars, Cherry blossoms), zoologist ( House sparrows) and a budding philosopher let me tell my readers  a thing or two about being in the dormant state.

A few years ago when we moved into a house in Croydon we had a small pot at the entrance which seemingly contained  nothing. The previous tenant may have planted something but gardening was not our cup of tea. We never watered it, maintained it or noticed it.  But come late spring and early summer the tulip bulb would bloom all by itself and wither away once the season was over.   It unfailingly blossomed all the three years around spring time. 

Dormancy is a state of temporary metabolic inactivity or minimal activity. Plants generally go dormant in response to adverse conditions. They conserve the energy to survive and then bloom given the right conditions.
Wise men and women, artists, poets,  great writers  and not so great writers  when presented with adverse circumstances react similarly. 

Yours truly is currently experiencing similar adverse conditions. This is one of the severe winters ( do not take this literally … Bangalore was scorching hot until the summer showers hit us a couple of days ago)  I am going through.
I am conserving all my energy and  lying low for a while before I strike in full bloom again.
Talking of blooms – my next post on alphabet K is going to be a photo blog.

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