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E - English Vinglish spelling velling

E - English Vinglish spelling velling 
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We are not a country of English speakers. If our census reports are anything to be believed, less than 5% of the 1.2 billion Indians can speak read and write English in varying degrees of fluency and accents.  The more closer we get to emulate the American accent ( not the Queen’s accent anymore) the more trendy and upmarket you are classified under the social scheme of things.  

If you do your math 5% of 1.2 billion is a huge number.  However it is about the other 95%  that aspires to speak, read and write English in the belief that unless you are fluent with the queens language you have not arrived on your own. Not everyone gets to succeed as not everyone has the opportunity and ambience. 

Most painters (as in the ones who paint small time billboards or name boards for shops not the Artistic M.F Husain types)  are not trained in grammar and spelling as English is not the medium in which they receive their primary school education. 
If you have ended up as a painter  in the station of your life, chances are that you were a high school drop out possibly educated in your local native language. When you graduate to high school, it thankfully teaches you the English language alphabets and numerics so you manage to read and write English, without a care for grammar or spelling.
Here is the how that manifests  along in public. 

FALL SEALING that Ansu Alumimium Fabrication work can do for you is actually FALSE CEILING 

Allen Solly does not exchange or do Alterations and is sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
ALLEN solly
Clicked on I phone 4S
Oct 2013, Bangalore India  

Nandi hills , Karnataka India
Clicked on I phone 4S
May 2013
Clicked on Iphone 4S
Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India
Nov 2013

PUPS implies not the young ones of the female Dog but vegetable Puffs

Joint the growth
Clicked on Blackbery curve
May 2011
Salem, India
 Vee technologies, A group of Sona college and TPT
We are hiring, JOINT the growth.  
And BTW their employees do medical transcription for hospitals all over the world. 
Clicked on  Blackberry curve
September 2011
Salem, India 
 Nobody succeed at Hardware, Networking and software beTTTer than IHT students.

Entrance of Staples retail store
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May 2013, Bangalore India
Security guard to make sure that some items are allowed inside except Laptop / glasses. ( I am not sure)

Womens not allowed
Clicked on Iphone 4S
August 2013, Bangalore, India

WOMENS NOT ALLOWED  : a notice put up at an upmarket retail chain at the Gent’s trial room by presumably a high school educated sales girl / sales boy or their supervisor.

The best so far that I have come across was of a hospital in the outskirts of Guntur town enroute Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh.   It said the following


Little would the painter have known that an Extra 'P' leads a totally different meaning to the Super speciality hospital.  But then who cares. The super specialty hospital does roaring business.

Your understand , I understand. We all understand. 

Kaa Kahen Saahab … Angrezi  ij a  bhery  phunny langbage.
( Translated into Queen's English It means 'what to say Sir this english is a funny language')  


  1. Some of these are funny but the English language is so difficult they say because it is a mishmash of other languages and slang terms

  2. These are so hilarious!!

    Damyanti Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014, Daily (w)rite Latest Post

    Twitter: @damyantig

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  4. Hilarious piece!! So true though!

    Indeed English is a funny language :)


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