Monday, April 14, 2014

L – Lucky mascot

L – Lucky mascot
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He is chubby, he is fat, he is chipped at places, but he is my companion. 
I rarely start my day without rubbing his belly.
My lucky laughing  Buddha.

Daya Gokarn, a soft spoken colleague of mine presented it to me as a farewell gift when I was moving out of Borivali office.
She and the rest of the friends in that office told me I was moving to a big bad office which was full of toxic and cunning people. They sympathized with me and genuinely wished me good luck with this parting gift. She probably picked it up from the fancy gift stores down the street.
Lucky mascot ...he really proved to be.
Maybe because I was forewarned or because he was indeed a harbinger of good luck, I survived and thrived in that toxic place.
Rubbing his belly every morning brought me my dose of good luck.

Lucky Mascot
Picture shot in Iphone 4S
May 2013
Laughing Buddha
Picture shot on I phone 4S
May 2013

He has moved with me to many offices since then. A lot of travel bruised him, chipped him and recently broke his arm. But I cannot let go of him.

Like always Fewi kwik rescued me.       

My laughing Buddha now looks perfect.
Albeit a little chipped but I can live with that.
I still get to rub his belly every work day before I start my day  
He helps me get by my day. No matter how stressful it gets.

Lucky Mascot is currently on a sabbatical. He too is in a state of dormancy.
He will re-emerge with all the lucky charm soon ... :)

Thank you Fewi kwik

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  1. The laughing Buddha is great to have and to rub. It reminds you of a wonderful friend and of wonderful things


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