Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unusual Occupations - A to Z 2016 blog theme reveal

Unusual Occupations

Unusual occupations is about  people that one meets every day but does not quite notice them.

Unusual occupations is  also about people that one might never get to meet but have heard of them or have used their services.   

Unusual Occupations features some historical occupations that are dying a natural death due to changes in economic and ecological conditions.

Unusual occupations also features  ingenious people who have adapted their unique skills to make a living in very different circumstances.    

Unusual occupations is about people away from home who are out there to make a living so that someone back home gets to eat two square meals a day.

Unusual occupations is about all those skilled  artisans struggling to make their ends meet working below minimum wages because they do not fathom any other way to make a living.

Unusual occupations will feature some stubborn people who despite social pressures have found their calling and have stuck by it to make a living.

Unusual occupations features a couple of fiesty women who have fought all odds to make a mark in a in a hitherto male occupations   

It is a travelogue of sorts of featuring extraordinary but unnoticed people right from backwaters of Alleppey, to those caught in the rapidly changing urban landscape of Bangalore, in the temple towns of kerala and Tamil Nadu, amidst the slums and one room tenements of Mumbai, from the nomads from Rajasthan to illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who were displaced from the exotic Sunderbans delta. From the monks in the Himalayas to the ancient city of Benares.

Here is my attempt at a Video blog that captures the essence of my theme for the A to Z challenge 2016. 

Stay tuned ….   

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