Thursday, April 17, 2014

P- Personalized Google Doodle

P- Personalized Google Doodle
Mobile musings - the theme for this A to Z 
challenge features a blog with pictures
clicked by me on my mobile phone.

There are some alphabets that are seemingly easy but difficult to write about, especially if you are nursing a  stubborn Bloggers block.
I must confess I was contemplating recycling one of my old blog posts for the letter P .
And why not … it was scheduled for release today. 
This morning as I woke up with my Nokia 520 ( need to give it a sweeter name) and was out and about with my morning chores, out of habit I logged on to Google and Voila … this is what I find.

Google Doodle
18th April 2014 

PLEASED …. PRETTY PLEASED ...PERSONALIZED …. I could write  on anything.

OK … Google knows today is my special day.   So although all of you see something else as your Google Doodle, this is what I see as my Google Doodle.
I know there is no human touch to it… but so what . It is the thought - virtual or real that matters is'nt it ? 

The power of Big data made me feel very special today. There are no real cakes, real hugs, real kisses but virtual one is just as good.  

‘Her’ the Oscar nominated movie this  year is about a man in a relationship with his Operation system. (OS). It is an interesting movie. It could have been classified as Science fiction.  Not any more. It is turning into reality. Atleast for me. 
You know I am into a relationship. I am into a live-in relationship with my mobile phone. 

We have our tiffs but none so exhausting and emotionally draining like the in real life ones. I sleep with my mobile phone, I wake up with it, I take it with me for my morning ablutions, work, parties, I take it with me everywhere. I am rarely seen without it and people do determine my social standing based on the handset that I carry.
It wakes me up with an music ring tone of my choice, tells me what I need to accomplish during my day, navigates me through routes I do not know, keeps me connected to all real life friends and family and much more.
If I were more tech savvy it could entertain me with my favorite music, watch my favorite movies, read my favorite books, play games (of the virtual kind), count my calories and  perhaps pep me up when I am down and watch out for me when I go on a high. 
Is'nt that what relationships are meant for ? 
I am yet to take our relationship to that level.      
But I can see it coming.

Anyway for now Google – I am Pretty Pleased with your Personalized Google Doodle for me. You made me feel special before anybody else today .

Readers - watch out for your Google Doodle on your Birthday .  
Thank you – virtual world – connected world – Big data .


  1. Is it your Birthday? If it is I hope it is a happy one and if it isn't I still hope you have a happy day with your phone:)

  2. Yes it was my birthday and the google doodle cleared my bloggers block. I am back again with a bang. Thankyou

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jayanthi! Google can certainly please you at times! Hope you had a great day! :)


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