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F- Fewikwik - the most useful invention of the decade ...

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Many wonderful inventions over the centuries have changed the ways human beings function and carry on their daily lives.  

Man invented fire. It changed the way we learnt to eat. 
Man invented the wheel. It changed the way we travelled.
A century ago man invented electricity. It changed almost everything that today we cannot fathom an existence without.

Moving closer to our times men invented google.
It changed the way some holier than thou characters bragged about what they know without the fear that others could call their bluff.  
There are many such inventions.  
Picture shot on I-phone 4S
May 2013 
But among the lesser known of these inventions is my favourite one.

Fewi kwik

It can mend anything that is broken
Here is why I say that with so much conviction .

This is a piece of ceramic painting of the Tower of London. I picked it up at a charity shop in Cheltenham on a cold wet rainy day a couple of years ago. a few weeks back, it broke into pieces when it fell off my show case on a windy day when our balcony door flew open.

Unlucky omen. 
No not at all. 
Fewikwik came to my rescue.

Tower of London
Picture shot on I-phone 4S
March 2013  
Shattered - Tower of london
Picture shot on I-phone 4S
March 2013

Themis. The Greek goddess of physical measures and the mother of the god of justice. Sits proudly on my mantel piece. She along with all other pieces is my proud collection that sometimes generates that good old onida  feeling. 'Neighbours envy owners pride',among the guests who visit us.

I picked up Themis from a sculpting studio  in Athens at the foothills of Acropolis along with the alabaster statues of other Greek gods and goddesses. Travel from Athens to London to Doha to Bengaluru was not very kind on poor Themis.  Despite all that bubble wrap and the big red fragile sticker on my baggage Themis arrived in three pieces. Waist down. Waist up and one arm broken.
It was not just Themis, but my heart too that was broken.

Picture shot on I-phone 4S
Feb  2012 
Fewikwik came to the rescue.

Themis stands proud and tall all in one piece in my drawing room. You can take a microscopic look at her and yet you cannot tell the difference.
Thank you Fewi kwik


The other day I had a flat tyre.
If you are a regular reader of this blog ( click here if you are not but are now interested )  you will know what a liberating and proud act it was for womankind,  when I learnt to change flat tyres in my car so that I would not have to summon for help from mankind. 
But when time came for me to put to use all that practical education, the feminist in me chickened out.  I called out for the hefty security guard because I could not lift the heavy tyre off the boot to change the flat tyre. With some manly help, I changed my tyres. They say a stitch in time saves nine.  It was time to get the original flat tyre mended.

@ the Puncher shop
Picture shot on I-phone 4S
March  2013 

@ the Puncher Shop
Picture shot on I-phone 4S
March  2013 


I took my car to what in Bengaluru we call the 'puncher shop'. The puncher man immersed my tyre in water and out came the bubbles from where a long sharp nail had punctured my car. The nail was pulled out. And to my surprise he took a big sharp driller and drilled the tyre hard. And then he pulled out Another instrument that looked like an oversized needle.
What he did after that was what stumped me. He pulled out a pack long chewing gum like matter from a wrapper named Fewi kwik inserted it needle like into the driller and closed the hole that caused the puncture.

That was it. My tyre has been fitted it and my car has done a good 70 Km since then. All is well

Thank you Fewi kwik.

There are few things in the world that are hard to mend. For example .. a broken heart
For everything else there is Fewi Kwik.  

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  1. Thank heavens for FeviKwik! I hope I can find something like it when I need it!

    Lovely post.

    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April


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