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U- Ugly Indian

U - Ugly Indian
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Greenery Mockery
 BEML layout, Bangalore India
Picture shot on Blacberry curve
June 2012

There really is no shame in admitting this.
Civic sense is not the Forte of us Indians.  While the interiors of our houses are neat and clean and  aesthetically designed,  the ugly Indian does not think twice before spitting on the road  or throwing out trash ( recycling and garbage segregation are concepts that we turn a deaf ear to). 

It is not about the Indians residing India. Indians includes our not so friendly neighbours 
(those who shall not be named) as well.   And the wide diaspora of us and them that is spread out all over the world.

Source : Google free images
For example in an otherwise clean and disciplined city of London, Civic sense and lane discipline plunge as you head into the predominantly South Asian Suburb of Southall. Elsewhere we are law abiding immigrants   who obey rules. 

That is because we are a clan who obey. We obey authority. It is hard to inculcate a sense of self discipline amongst us.

Bangalore 10K run 2011
Picture shot on Blackberry  curve
June 2011, Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India 

Here were some pictures clicked after the Bangalore 10K run in 2012 at Cubbon park. The event raised  funds for many Charity organizations that included the ones who worked for the environment. Kingfisher also got a lot of advertising mileage doling out free water bottles to the runners and onlookers who littered it all along the way.
Source : Google free images 

 The ugly Indian – an organization that is committed to raise the civic sense consciousness of Indians is trying to fight this.  Check them out over here and if you are an Indian reading this, do something about it. Together we can . 


  1. Wonderful post and good to know people all over the world are trying to clean up the litter. It is bad here and when the snow disappears one sees all the garbage people leave behind. We know better so why do we do this? Thankfully, to the few, they clean up other people's messes

  2. This lack of civic sense among Indians is really shameful. I feel disgusted to see how we treat our public places, streets etc...I am familiar with the great work The Ugly Indian is doing. We need more of such dedicated groups/individuals.
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier -


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