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X- The X factor

X – The  X factor  
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X is a very depressing letter.
Not because it is a challenging letter to write something for the A to Z challenge. 

For those of us who battle the bulge, every now and then, know what it feels like to pick up those dreaded ‘XXXXXXXXXL size clothes when you have to go to shop.

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I was never the slim and trim one.  As a child I was called the chubby one. It was very sweet and cute to be chubby in those days. All those babies who had 'Farex' formula food were supposed to be chubby.  I guess that is when it all started.
Amma in her enthusiasm to stock up empty tins of  Farex emptied them out on me in the name of healthy formula food. They called it the supplement. She took it literally. I was fattened up on Farex, it was like the desert after the main meal.
As I grew up the, long lasting Farex effect never ceased.  As a teenager I never wandered towards the trial room with anything like XS or XXS or even plain S.

In the best of my days it was ‘M’. And since then it has been the borderline with L and the XL.       
Over the years I clearly graduated to the ‘X’L.
In all those years while my mental image told me that 'L' was the size I should take into the trial room, the X factor would pull me back.  I would emerge from the trail room with a sigh since the size ‘L’ would not really budge into my contours.  And to top it all I would shop at the petite section. 

Petite is not all about being little, yes there are L, XL, XXL , XXXL and X to the power or infinity L in the petite section as well. It is just that we are challenged vertically and make up for it horizontally.
So you get a mental image of what I look like don’t you ?
Now all you readers who see me in flesh and blood must be thinking I am overdoing this.
Many of you have offered me kind advice and asked to me go for a walk, run , crawl , swim, sweep, starve, slog, hog ( yes that 6 meals a day thing),  dust the windows, ditch the lift, take the stairs, wash the dishes   etc… etc… etc…
Do anything but make sure you strut your butt.
You have also told me in many kind words  that lazing around by the bedside under the pretext of blogging over the laptop  is good exercise for the finger tips but it does not quite go down to tone the rest.
Especially those fixed deposits down the waist.
Yes I understand.         
So … here I am … a new avatar feeling fit, fine, detoxified and all prepared to take on the fight with the ‘X’ factor. 
Here I come back to civilization in a couple of days and I promise to go shopping.
I am confident, I may fit into L and maybe with some luck graduate down to M.
 For a while maybe.
 But so what ?
Now to quench your curiosity and the secret recipe to battling the ‘X’ factor watch out my post tomorrow on the ‘Y’ factor.
Until then good bye.  

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  1. I was M for so long and now I am L. What I hate are the size 0's and 2's. Who fits into those? Only my lower thigh does! When I was younger there was no such thing as size 0 or 2. The lowest it went down to was a size 6. I am actually sick of all the crap. In this day and age of all the stars who are a size 0 and look unhealthy and for all these crash diets there are more and more obese people. I like my aunt-she always was a little packed, loves butter and laughed a lot. She is 92. Now I shall pinch my 20 inches and go to bed


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