Thursday, August 14, 2014


 They were moments.

Moments Of Sheer Awe.

Moments Of Gratitude.

Moments of Silence.

Moments Of  Urgency

Moments Of reflection

These were everyday happenings.

The sun has been rising unfailingly for centuries , for millions of years. From the time the universe was created.

And yet there was  sense of urgency to capture that moment and record it.
The Sun, the water, the mountains and the sheer wonder and magic of all that they nursed within them.

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  1. Such peaceful scenes, so very stunning too.

  2. Your urgency paid off! You captured these at magic moments, when the light was just right.

    Violet N. at promptings 2

  3. Stunning captures!

  4. Superb captures of these precious moments in time. Love the thoughts accompanying the photos.

  5. Your writing is so true in many ways. Sad that we never do what you did. STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, BREATHE!!


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