Friday, August 15, 2014

Independence day

Independence day

Free trade - Indian Flag button gets made in China

India celebrates its 68th Independence day today.  
It is a national holiday on 15th of August except for essential services. 

On 15th august thousands of IT & BPO workers go to work and get paid a double wage in lieu of a holiday on July the 4th just so that the essential services for the rest of the world does not take a back seat.    
The Retail sector is on a overdrive today.  We could possibly rebrand independence day and Republic day as India shopping days.   

Anyway no one is complaining. Why spoil the party. 
   Times have changed. 'Being Indian' is not any more about being  ‘Swadeshi’.
Miniature Indian flag buttons - Made in China is sold on traffic signals by the same beggar who on other days begs at the traffic lights  holding a miserable looking new  born infant who is probably out on rent. 
For a change , on Independence day she is not around with a begging bowl but with something that does stir your Indianness and makes you reach out for a ten rupee note in exchange of a Miniature Indian flag - Made in China.        

It is a globalized world after all.


  1. I am a little bit surprised that Chinese make these things, but it's good to see the concept of nationality slowly eroding. We are all citizens of the globe, and hence one :)

    Destination Infinity


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