Thursday, August 21, 2014

Its the time to mango - season 4

Its the time to mango - season 4 

This year's  mango season passed by so uneventfully. 
The deserving  climax to the mango season comes when the market gets flooded with the Neelam variety. 

David Davidar dedicated his book the house of blue mangoes’ – Neelam in native Tamil signifying the colour Blue. 

While there is nothing blue about the Neelam variety , it is probably named so because it leaves you with the summer blues, nostalgic memories of yet another incredible summer gone by . Neelam seldom gets exported ( that leaves it inexpensive for the locals to enjoy) . And that is because the sweetest of Neelam mangoes have a bug or two living at the center of the mango that the FDA outside of the Indian borders would be mortally paranoid about. 

A true conossiuer of mango would hardly get put off by the bug. The bugs choose the best neelam flowers to lay their eggs.

With time, the flowers ripen into fruits and the eggs into the bug. The sweeter and jucier the neelam, the more are the chances that there is a bug living inside.

Neelams are sweet and pleasant . Eaten by itself in its ripe form or in a juice variety, commonly made into Aam ras ( Mango pulp)  they are a fitting finale to end the mango season.

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