Friday, October 02, 2015

Catch ‘em young

Catch ‘em young

At the stroke of ten my door bell rings. I am not even half awake.  After all it was a Sunday. Alas !!! Vedant, James, Jessy and Shreya are at the door letting me know they are ready for the day.  That is when I remember and  hurriedly gulp my Sunday breakfast, slurp my tea conscious of the fact that I am keeping my  eco-warriors waiting.

We have been a team for a few months now.  We pick up plastic, water the plants, plant seeds  and do whatever else that needs to be done to enrich the soil around the little patches of land left in our apartment.  

The gardener appointed by the apartment management considered our company a  nuisance. We  persuaded him to stop growing the typical ornamental crotons  that are mindlessly grown in all apartment landscapes so that we could plants trees, shrubs, herbs and vegetables. He is still not a convert but our pester power has won him over and he lets us have our way as long as it does not end up in more work for him. 
Today the eco warriors dug a compost pit in our garden on a patch where no plant, shrub, or weed dared to grow.  As we dug along we knew why. All those dreadful  layers of plastic,  debris, cement and other non biodegradable waste emerged.  We dug two pits that were knee deep and was enough to empty my one month collection of kitchen waste from the smart bin. We collected the dry leaves from all over and added the browns to the greens before closing up the pit. 

The eco warriors now claim they are experts in digging and composting.  It is only a matter of time that I receive enquiries from their parents for composting.

The trick is to catch ‘em young and for sure it leaves a lasting impact.


P.S:  This post is submitted as a part of Write tribe's Write your heart out where the challenge is to use the following words and craft your post . 

alas, awake, dreadful, company, typical, lasting

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