Sunday, July 29, 2012

Colour , colour what colour do you choose ?

What is your favourite colour ?

I skip the question if it I am asked to remember this as the secret question to remember a password .  

It is a question for which an answer has always eluded me.  

It is green… on second thoughts it could be blue .. sky blue …no i am equally partial to lavender or to be exact mauve. Now Mauve is not even a colour.   

Actually, I do not have a liking to any colour in particular… that is an easy answer.
I am in awe of all those people who are so sure of what their favourite colour is ...

Really .. how do you determine your favourite colour.

A colour that is close to your heart.

A colour that sets your imagination wild.

A colour that soothes your senses.    

Here is my attempt to describe my favourite colour.

It is not the pink .. the baby pink that is associated with girls and all that is girlish.

It is not even the pink on the other extreme .. the one that borders on magenta.

It is the pink that unfolds itself when you cut this variety of guava.

Guava pink … that is my favourite colour.
Final answer.

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