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Clear out the clutter using Quickr and remain Befikar

Five years ago when I was house-hunting,  I had registered onto a leading online realty search site to look out for rental properties into this new city that I was looking to move into.

That is how I happened to  get Shivappa’s number.  He is this overly-friendly Real  estate agent who (for a hefty brokerage ) got me this rented property. I have moved on since then and a lot of water has flown under the bridge since then. But Shivappa’s number remains on my mobile phone contacts. Or rather mine remains registered in his contacts. 

He is one of those who must have come into money brokering rental deals for thousands of migrants like me  that flocked this city in the last few years. I suspect he is the kinds who thoroughly reads all those self help books, on how to sell refrigerators to an Eskimo or peanuts to Osama-bin-laden. He, for sure takes his contacts seriously and has them mapped in the list of potentials.    His only fault was that he pitched everything to all his prospects.    

Last year he even added me on to his whatsapp.  From his perspective whatever is up , he promptly cold calls me even if I have shown complete disinterest in each one of his sales pitches in the last five years. 

Villa sites in Hoskote, new residential property that is coming up in Budigere, farm houses in Mysore and Ooty and even a godown space in Hosur. Every time he had his proposal for me, he had promised it would appreciate 200% to 300% in the next two to three years. 

If I told him I was busy at work, he would say he could call me after working hours. 

If I told him I did not have the money, he would tell me he would run around and get me the loan.

If I told him I was disinterested he would tell me he was my well wisher and did not want me to regret this three years from then on when Bangalore would be the next Singapore.

Well, if you saw the garbage piled up around the approach road to his office, there was no way in hell you would even fathom how Bangalore would be the next Singapore.   

But Regret I did. I did not regret not having invested in his properties. 
regretted having given him my mobile number in the first place.  

Shivappa continues to try his luck with me to this day.
Trust me  when I say he is a pain at the wrongest place and time.  

Actually, the last time I had a nasty fall out with my ex-boss, I secretly passed her mobile number on to Shivappa. :)

Jokes apart, your mobile number is a highly personal one and its access needs to be restricted to people on a need to know basis.

The person you deal with maybe just collecting mobile numbers and selling the contacts to credit card agencies and other spurious people.  

Someone who knows you can easily get hold of your mobile number by enticing you on a online portal and that can be dangerous for your safety .

The above three reasons are strong reasons to explain why one time transactions of buy and sell could easily happen without exchanging personal mobile numbers.

Thankfully Quickr has realized it early on.

A mobile app that lets you chat with the potential buyer for all those transactional deals.   
This is a feature in Quikr that makes it super.
I am gonna use quikr to clear my clutter.
Go on.... try Quikr /and remain Befikar


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    Nice way of showing the benefits of Quikr Nxt. and ya nice blog.


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