Sunday, February 22, 2015

'Tis the time to OSCAR ...

With the Oscars round the corner it was a weekend of movie binge.

And I am not over yet. 
Here is a round up based on what I have watched and from the recommendations from Pipinghotviews 

Birdman :

 My first experience with Black comedy.  It took me time to figure that out.

For a detailed review of the movie visit  pipinghotviews

The Imitation game

If you thought Shah Rukh Khan did a great job in My name is Khan , check this one out.  Not a word on asperger’s syndrome, dyslexia or whatever that is. And yet  3 minutes into Benedict Cumberbatch’s stunning performance and you know exactly what it is ...
Benedict Cumberbatch better win the Oscar for this one.  Even if you are not the types who sheds tears at the movies here is one performance that can choke our emotions .  It is a movie that lingers on well after you are out of the movie hall.  The production design has done a commendable job in depicting England of the 1940’s and the 1950’s. Not to forget the Turing  machine .

For a detailed review of the movie visit  pipinghotviews

Boyhood : 

American family Drama.  But what sets it apart is that the film has been shot in over 14 years tracking the boyhood of the protagonist and all others in the movie.  To have consistently maintained the gumption to finish the movie needs to be commended.
Nice performance by all.

For a detailed review of the movie visit  pipinghotviews

Whiplash : 

J K Simmons makes you feel he is real evil personified.  Just for that alone he deserves the Oscar. Wonder why this has been under the Best supporting actor category ..
This in my view derserves the nomination under best actor .. never mind ...

For a detailed review of the movie visit  pipinghotviews

The Grand Budapest Hotel : 

For a happy-go-lucky satire it is a movie with a ending that leaves you with a feeling of melancholy. Seems like an Oscar favourite.  Could face stiff competition from some other hard hitting movies.

For a detailed review of the movie visit  pipinghotviews

For more reviews of almost 40 movies nominated for the Oscars visit


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