Friday, March 14, 2014

Musings aboard the NH-7

Long drive JJJ

At this hour … not safe …LLL

mmm… what can be worse JJJ

Go ahead … Zindagi ne milegi dobara !!!

She picked up her car keys and mobile and hopped down to the car park .
As she revved up the engine .. she remembered. On her mobile phone, she clicked her favorite app , went online and ordered a cake, flowers and a bottle of wine.
The engine of the car revved and picked up speed.  The city traffic was thinning out and the air was cool and crisp. As the car picked up speed, the breeze flapped across her face. She let her hair down and plugged her earphones to listen to her favorite music.
aaj se pehle  … aaj se jyada .. khushi aaj tak nahi mili … ‘    crooned K J Yesudas in a voice that could melt a hundred hearts.  
 Two hundred kilometers away and two hours later she stopped at Café coffee day.  First things first. She took a pee break and ordered a hot coffee. 

As the digits stuck twelve the phone rang. 

Happy birthday … said her ever so cheerful brother, who never failed to wish her at the stroke of midnight. Over the years it never surprised her as he was always the first one to wish her.  

Sipping away her coffee she browsed through her emails.  About ten different automated emails from her bank to her insurance agent wished her a very happy birthday through an automated email reminder.
On a long drive aboard the NH 7’ .. she tweeted.

'Take care … drive safe … Oh BTW … happy birthday' immediately replied her best friend who was out on her lunch break from around the other side of the earth.
After the invigorating coffee and checking the facebook updates and emails from faceless entities she decided it was time to turn back.  The truck drivers on NH-7 were taming her speed down. She snaked through the long vehicles  over the newly done six lane highway and speeded up.  

It was getting  a little nippy as she pulled over her jacket to cover herself up. She did not want to roll up the windows. The wind lapping up her face was the best part of going on a long drive.  That was not an experience she wanted to miss out on.

She picked up her mobile phone and clicked the gently blushing morning sky as she drove over the flyover. 

It was almost day break by the time she reached home. 

She reached her apartment just in time to find the delivery boy waiting to express deliver her cake, flowers and a bottle of her favorite wine.
The candles were lit, the cake was cut while her mobile phone music store hummed ‘happy birthday to you.’ 
The bottle of wine got her a little tipsy. As she crashed on her couch something sharp pricked her at the back side.  She jumped up and noticed the single earring stuck in between the cushions.

‘Blissfully single’ .. she said as she dangled the single piece of earring which she picked up and put aside on the side table along with her mobile phone and the half eaten piece of cake. 

She fell asleep in drunken stupor on the couch just as the birthday wishes from her numerous facebook friends were pouring in on her mobile handset.     
This weekend we have a picture prompt for writing.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

     P.S:   This post is a work of pure fantasy and wishful thinking. Does not resemble any real life happening. 

  P.P.S:   It is probably unsafe for a single woman to venture out in the midnight on NH7. Do not emulate.  

P.P.P.S : Ok... this post is inspired by Pratima  and her musings over a long drive aboard the Mysore road. 

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  1. Beautiful. i loved this piece. Introspective, laid back, and well-paced. :)


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