Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mobile musings - The A to Z challenge

I have signed up for the A to Z challenge.
This is my first time at
The A to Z challenge.
Mobile Musings is my theme.

Now here is what I plan to do ...

For the last four years I have been clicking 
everyday moments using my mobile phone. (It was a blackberry, then an iphone and now a Nokia 520.  ) 

These were visuals that, at the time of clicking seemed interesting, overwhelming, funny, cryptic or sometimes just mundane. Once the moment was captured on my mobile, I would make a note of blogging about it as soon as I got some free time. More often than not, the daily grind  of everyday routine would take priority and I would then forget it.

Over this weekend I was doing some spring cleaning - only this time it was digital.

All those old folders on my laptop and hard disks came tumbling down like old forgotten toys, clothes and bric-a-brac stored for the sake of memories in the attic. Fleeting moments and the pictures clicked then, brought on the nostaliga and that noble  intent of someday writing about them.
This was also when I stumbled upon the A to Z challenge.
Mobile musings was conceived as I was contemplating on the theme for the A to Z blog challenge.
So here I go and promise to participate in the challenge throughout the month of April and keep this blog post busy and interesting.

 I am not sure if I will keep up the tempo till the end because

1. I have just moved on to Windows 8 and that is proving to be very frustrating.
2. I plan to be travelling for a good part of the month.

Neverthless I am inspired by Meena, who completed her last year's A to Z blog challenge despite challenges in April 2013.  That determination of hers to keep blogging and posting everyday was commendable and has made me sign up for this challenge.

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