Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bangalore Speed blogging contest #SMWYSSB

This was my first time.  Being a regular at WOW in blog adda ( write over the weekend) did not give me any assurance that I could pull this one off.

You are given a topic and within a few seconds you blog.  The topic changes every ten minutes and in an hour you have to reproduce and publish all that you wrote in a state of extempore blogging outburst.

I was'nt prepared for what hit me ... but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

They started with saying Writing is an acceptable form of Schizophrenia ... and how true.
For a good sixty minutes I lived a Schizophrenic existence.
The topics were so whacky, that for almost an hour I do not remember what possesed me and I blogged ...

Right or wrong ... I just blogged  
Sense or non-sense ...I just blogged
Politically correct  or incorrect ... I just blogged
Blogged .... blogged... blogged ....

Here is what I blogged ...and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Speed blogging topic : Act like a lady .. think like a boss
Blog Title:  Aunties in their panties
Who wears the pants at the house is no more the moot question.
It is the time to acknowledge the power of the aunties in their panties. 
Move over… it is the pink brigade … the panty party that rules the world.
Well.. has ‘nt that always been the case.
Wars were fought for the ladies by the men …
The ladies did call the shots .
It began much before the Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships and will continue for many centuries to come   
The alpha male will be extinct in some time now.  Or alteast will go very low profile.
Was it not a certain Charlie Darwin who said …
‘the most successful species are not the ones who are the strongest but the ones that are most adaptive to changes’.
It is time to take note of the ladies.  Young old meek strong beautiful ugly does not matter.
The aunties in their panties. They have called the shots for many centuries now. Moved mountains ( literally) They may not have occupied corner offices, board rooms or sailed a thousand miles across the seas.  But they kept the world in motion.
They were and are the real bosses. Acknowledge them, beware of them and treat them well.

Speed blogging topic :A mosquito can fly but a fly cannot mosquito
Blog Title: Life is full of oxymorons
Life is full of oxymorons
Really …
They say great men think alike ... but then fools seldom differ
All good things in life come free … and then there is no such thing as a free lunch.
A train stops at a train station and a bus stops at a bus station… is that why they call it a work station
Money cannot buy Happiness ... but then happiness cannot buy money either
A ship can be sailed .. but a sail cannot be shipped
The colonel said he spotted a leopard… ha ha .. are’nt all leopards born with spots …
All camels have a hunch .. but all hunches do not have a camel ...
A mosquito can fly but a fly cannot mosquito  

 Speed blogging topic : Single
Blog Title: Going Solo
Whoever invented the institution of marriage was a sadist.
They say one should get married .  After all Happiness is’nt everything in life.
Why is it always ‘Happily married ever after’ ?
Why not ‘happily single ever after ? ‘
What is wrong with being single ?
Being  single upsets the universal equilibrium.  
It does not balance the equation.
Like in those chemical equations that you studied in school .
Na+ and Cl- , H + and Cl –
It is what they say nature ordained everything to be.
Two hydrogen atoms with an oxygen atom is so cool .  
But a hydrogen atom by itself could cause an explosion. So it is with uranium .
Ha … But then living beings are not chemical compositions.    
The world has a fetish for getting even .  Being single is odd.
And that explains this obsession for even numbers.
'Hum do.. hamare do' …
Why not 'main aur meri tanhayee' …
 Talking of Tanhayee ... loneliness 
And why should loneliness, boredom and depression  be associated with being single.
Are’nt  people in relationship equally lonely, bored, depressed and unhappy.   
So here I go and Say … go on and enjoy being Solo … and trust me you will never regret it.

Blog Title: Coffee vs. red bull
 Speed blogging topic : Coffee vs. Red bull 
It is like choosing a silent, demure salwar- kameez-clad -oh- I-am-not –so-innocent-like-my mother- makes you-believe girl that has the sanction of the family along with the stars in the horoscope for a gaudy grand wedding and a father in law sponsored honey moon thereafter to one of those DDLJ locations in Swtizerland 
Dating that bold chick dressed in a Versace gown, stilettos and a whacky red lipstick that you met up when you were half drunk over that free booze flowing around at the vendor’s party. Later blowing up your credit card balance and then going on that one night stand before you realize that you would not mind committing to a life long live-in relationship with her.
Coffee vs. Red bull …
Either ways you are screwed.   

Blog Title: Come on Inner peace
Speed blogging topic : Come on Inner peace 
Inner peace is that feeling on a Sunday afternoon siesta after you have overeaten your lunch.
Inner peace is being convinced that you indeed minimized the window for book my much before the boss appeared behind you and looked up your monitor   
Inner peace is that feeling after the Board exam results that you actually managed to pass all the exams and those recurrent dreams about the maths paper were just a nightmare.
Inner peace is that feeling when you sit through the verbal diarrhea of your boss and his onslaughts  knowing that on your gmail id you have received your offer letter from the competitor company for a 100% hike in salary.
Inner peace is that feeling when you know you have found your soul mate who can sleep through your incessant snoring and really loud farts without actually talking about it with his /her, girl/ boy friends.
right there at the second row blogging away to glory at the speed blogging contest

 Check them out at #SMWYSSB  


  1. Face that launched thousand ships is Helen of Troy and not Cleopatra- she launched far fewer that too with a poor captain , Mark Antony

  2. Ah ... i stand corrected.
    Yes I confused myself over that one.
    It was speed blogging and with topics flying fast and furious ... I guess that was pardonable.
    Thanks for pointing out though. will get that changed.


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