Thursday, November 07, 2013

What's going on ?

The maddening traffic,
Non-sense chatter over the FM... 
Non-stop deluge of emails…
Endless meetings…
Mindless presentations …
Meaningless social networking …
Die-hard liars …
Desperate but illegitimate lovers …
Suicidal co-worker …
Stressed out super mom …
Senseless client calls …
Soul stinking ass lickers …
Sweat shops and slave drivers …

There was only so much I could take during the course of a day at work.
Mentally exhausted, I decided to call it a day.
Little did I realize, all day I had left my mobile phone in the car.

38 missed calls in a span of 10 minutes … god … I wondered what was going on …

How can I be so forgetful? My bad, I should not be so careless... 
I dialled my sister’s mobile number to return the call.
My heart was beating fast … my palms were sweating. 

Nandini my seven year old niece instantly picked up the call.
‘What’s going on ? I called you so many times…’ she says with desperation in her voice.  

Sorry sweetheart … was busy in meetings… what happened ?

Mmm... when you were busy in your meetings,
tooth fairy photo: FAIRY fAIRY.jpg
I lost my first milk teeth.
I called you and you did not answer.
So I went and buried it in the park under the gulmohar tree.  
You think tooth fairy will send me a gift ?   

She certainly will, my darling …
And thus saying, I went online on flipkart and ordered the Doll house …


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  1. hehe! this is so sweet!


  2. Beautiful write-up. Well nuanced.

  3. Thank you for your comments.

  4. That is a very sweet story

  5. Such a cute story :D I was all smiles at the end of it.. Lovely read

  6. It's very cute ending..the first part was amazingly rushed...and the ending was sweeter that cherry on top!

  7. Awwww...that was sweet. All the best for the wow :)

  8. a story of innocence very sweet

  9. sweet ending :) nice WOW story

  10. Well-expressed!

    I love the way you have started the post with a poem


  11. Beautiful Jayanti :) this is my first trip to your blog, and looks like I am going to be there for a while...

    a suggestion - can you please do away with comment form in a separate page, it's easier to post below the post.

  12. Hi thank you for your feedback ... But I am not sure how to do away with comment in a separate page. May be i will ask someone more technical to figure this out and help me...

    Thank you once again.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. too good :) would come back to this space for more! Keep them coming :)


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