Saturday, April 06, 2013

The most versatile word in English vocabulary

F*** is arguably the most versatile english word ever coined.

It is  an English word with recent origin.  

It can used to mean different things at different times depending upon the context.
It can easily fill in the roles of an adverb, adjective, verb, noun, pronoun and whatever else. 
It can be used in present tense, past tense , future tense ... anytime you are tensed. 

Here are just some of the examples... 
Fuck … I have won the million dollar lottery ( Fuck as in ‘wow …’)

Fuck … boss caught me minimizing the window of ( Fuck as in  Oh shit’)

You are so fucking funny ( as in ‘so .... funny’)

Fuck off – angry expression ( as in sod off / bugger off )
Fuck off – with a coquettish look and a blush in the cheeks ( as in I am enjoying the attention but too coy to accept) 
Fuck off – friendly expression  ( as in ‘just forget it’)
Fuck … you have put on so much weight ( as in ‘how ugly’)
Fuck … you look so gorgeous ( as in 'how incredibly beautiful')
I am so fucked up in this meditation class ( as in I am so stuck and bored…) 

F.U..C…K….!!! ( as in 'Thank god !!!' when you slammed the brakes of your car JUST IN TIME when that naked kid with bare bums suddenly ran across the road after finishing his job in the short cut road that you took inorder to avoid peak hour traffic)  

The saddest thing with the F*** word is that its versatility is also its biggest weakness.  
Sadly enough it is the most misunderstood and miused word in English language.  
No one really uses it for what it actually is supposed to mean ...
Would anyone in his right sense ever say...
 Darling can I F*** you ? ( F*** as in the act of copulation)    


Soon after I wrote my creative piece on the famous  four letter F word ...
here is what a google search of the F word yielded me ...
My fucking fault ... i should have done my fucking research on Google before unleashing my creativity.

Anyway, this does not take away the heartfelt tribute that I have paid to the F word ....

But then the one on Youtube is so fucking funny that I could not help but post it.

Best heard with the audio in full volume...
Best viewed without Adult supervision.
At your own fucking risk ...
Go ahead and  Fuck youself ...

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