Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Tea cup

'Care to join me for a cup of Tea, just one last time', he asked working up his usual charm.
'I don’t think I should come, Listen I got to go', she muttered in her usual i-do-not- want-to-offend-but-I-am-so-sorry manner.

OMG ... You need to be more assertive shouted out her instinctive self.

'Please ... one last time', he pleaded.

That is how it had all begun.
She now stared at the empty tea cup.  There really was nothing left.
Neither of the Tea leaves nor of their relationship.        

This post is in response to the  100 Words on Saturday prompt from Write Tribe.


  1. Wow.... Very we'll written. Crisp and to the point. I think uou must try writing similar stuff for HR concepts. sure you will be able drive new perspectives and change.

  2. Amazing write up. Mind blowing how you expressed the emotions, Jayanthi:)

  3. An emotional and expressive write up.. liked it :)

  4. It is sad when things don't work out. Awesome piece of writing.


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