Saturday, May 31, 2014

Phoney Relationships...

Phoney Relationships ...

You think you know what you are getting into...  
You think you know your companion inside out...
You think you know the upside and downside since you have know ‘em   inside out...
You know grass is not greener on the other versions either...
You know you have grown older and wiser and therefore can handle it all...  
You know you cannot expect to see all stars- &-rainbows-in-the-sky this time around ...
You know  it was never meant to be all ha-ha-hee-hee...
You know there is that oh- been-there- done -that .. feeling...
You inject into yourself that excitement saying 'ah-this- time-it-may- turn-out-to- be-better' ... 

 And yet .... it does not get any easier.

If there was a relationship status update widget available for mobile phones this is how mine would look.

No. 2 Nokia 5520
( Got mugged and Lost touch)
Updated 8 years ago
No. 1 Nokia 3310
( Puppy Love)
Updated 10 years ago 



No. 3 Nokia 6230
(Dumped due to performance problems)
Updated 4 years ago

No. 4 Blackberry
( Dumped around the time Steve jobs died)
Updated 3 years ago

No. 5 Apple iPhone 4S
(Fell into the loo when I was errr....Multitasking)
Updated 2 years ago 
No. 6 Nokia 520
Updated 6 months ago 

No. 7 Blackberry
Updated one week ago  


Ah... getting used to the good old blackberry is not getting any easier.
May be because I am not yet completely over with No. 6 - The ever so practical and sturdy Nokia 520

If you do not understand the context CLICK HERE to read the prologue.  

  Trust me this is how it must have felt to Elizabeth Taylor the second time around with Richard Burton.

Liz sees stars and rainbows in his eyes
Picture courtesy : Google free images 
Liz hopes the Beta version would be better
Picture Courtesy : Google free images 

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  1. Simple.. I have started to develop a liking to the way your blogs are titled..


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