Saturday, September 01, 2012

Puttu pazham

This wholesome breakfast of puttu pazham on a lazy Saturday morning  has some history to it.

This puttu maker was one more of my impulsive buys somewhere near wayanad on a long drive from Bangalore. 

Made out of two simple coconut shells, this is the medium that steamed puttu for a long time until the stainless steel kozha was invented. 
I had no intention of actually making puttu out of them. I only wanted it to be ornamental piece in my drawing room or my kitchen.

For months it has been lying around unused.  Today I decided to use it for what it was originally crafted for.   And wow , what was otherwise called kozha puttu did come out just as well if not in teh same shape  it would have in a stainless steel funnel.

With a small hole on one corner of the coconut shell it fits wells into the steam rising out of the cooker. A 5 to 8 minutes of  steaming  and a quick, filling and healthy breakfast is ready .

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