Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fort Kochi

A few weeks after clicking this photograph and experiencing the moment while on a ferry ride after an interesting walk across the Fort Kochi area in Cochin, Kerala, India , I chanced upon a wonderfully written article on fishing and varieties of fish in traditional kerala cuisine.
This bit on the chinese fishing nets was particularly enlightening especially after experiencing the moment. I could not resist adding it here …
It is so true ... when they say ...When the learner is ready the teacher merges
The best thirutha (mullet fish) are caught in the Chinese nets – an iconic symbol of Kochi –placed at the harbour mouth, where the river Periyar meets the Arabian sea. Parts of the contraption-though called Chinese-have portguese names. This could be because the Portuguese brought the nets from their Chinese outpost in Macau. In the 1960s, a couple of open-air ovens came up here to cook the fresh catch ( for the benefit of the more impatient fish lovers). Now,after Fort Kochi went the Goa way; there’s an over abundance of fish joints near the Chinese nets.
OUTLOOK – 9 jan 2012 – N.S MADHAVAN ( A renowned writer in Malayalam author of the award-winning ‘LITANIES of DUTCH BATTERY’

These are also some of the best moments I have captured as an casual photographer on my Lumix Panasonic DMC-LZ8.
Praveen the professional who was on the same ferry but armed with a professional equipment and skill has done a much better job of capturing the moment .. check it out here.

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