Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angrezi is a phunny language

Makes you wonder how many english speaking / reading customers visit this quaint mobile dispensaries that you find sprung over the footpath in the big cities.
I guess they are in demand ...and their customers sure understand what they are selling.
Else they could not be so consistent, outspoken and bold with their banners.

Now there are some cheeky ones like is 'no parking' freebie for this entrance from a pest control agency.
I found this one just as I closed the toilet door at the fame cinemas toilet.
Got the message ... wiped the toilet seat clean with about one km of toilet tissue before stepping out.


This sign board at the one and only pay and use toilet inside the Taj mahal ( the original one in Agra) says it all .
I fumed citing the injustice to the jaintor who was rolling out toilet tissues to a white lady while i had to desperately hold my bladder while trying to fish out a Rs. 2 coin from my handbag.
He apologised and said Indian's did not know how to use public toilets , especially the toilet tissues.
Before I could speak any further he clarified that it was not the lack of civic sense among fellow indians that causes this notice to be put up, but plain economics. The foreigners pay Rs. 750 to get inside the Taj, whereas Indians (the legal heirs of Shahjahan) need to pay a mere Rs. 20.
Therefore the waiving of the toilet fee is a justified freebie for the 'mehmaan'.
Now this one was a banner from a leading recruiter in Salem, Tamil Nadu looking for fresh graduates in a local arts and science college.
We are hiring
Joint the growth
Possibly Proof reading is not their forte ... They do medical trption for their overseas clients.
God save the patients.

Death is nature ... you do not cause it ..
blares a road safety sign on NH7 . You cannot miss it if you were driving down the NH7 from Bangalore to Salem.
When driving at 100kms per hour it sure slows you down and makes you doubt your english comprehension skills or if there is something lost in translation.
There are plenty of them that the national highway authoriy of India have painted along the way so that the reckless driver is adequately warned (that is if he can read and understand english) about round safety and the fatal consequences of overspeeding.
This one though .. i did not think was a deterrent enough for the errant dirver speeding along the NH7 ...
'If you want to stay married ... divorce speed !!!'
Trust me about 9 out of ten drivers push the gas pedal at this point beyond the legally permissible limits hoping against hope for the vice-versa to come true.

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