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Ok ok ok !!!  for the rest of the world a ‘second day second show’ may not be a big deal.  
But for us the Brave Bangalorean Thalaivaa fans it was actually the first day.  Albeit the second show.

Cannot still understand why HDK Anna created such a fuss and stopped Rajini Anna from releasing the movie in Bangalore. It is besides the point that he relented after the first day and let the movie show in bangalore theatres.  HDK – Anna  - this was free post election propaganda for your party and your allies who benevolently bestowed the power on you.  Chill Madi.

Having bunked half day at office and braved our way through the Friday afternoon bangalore traffic for the second day second show , it was a heart sinking feeling to see no cut outs , not even a poster of the ‘Thalaivaa’ at the Cinema theatres.  Deliberately empty billboards hurt, really hurt.   

After all what is a new Thalaivar release without the huge cutouts, lengthy garlands, fire works and the now defunct  Palabhishekam’.  
Pchhh … jaane kahaan gaye woh din

Or may be it is just in Namma Bengaluru .
Anyway all that is now water under the k...... bridge.  

Once the Brave Bangalore  Thalaivaa’ fans silently got into the cinema hall, energy levels and excitement hit the roof.  Thalaivar’s entry was not exactly spectacular. But the shrill whistles blew anyway, voices shrieked out and the empty plastic bottles flew in the air.

What was really unfair was that it almost felt like Nana Patekar in the second half of the movie had a far more spectacular entry than the Thalaivaa himself. Looks like the director got his priorities wrong.

Set in the backdrop of Dharavi is this benevolent Mafia leader playing gully cricket with his grandchildren. They are fighting  against the builder mafia that is politically connected and has set its eyes on land in Dharavi the famous slum in mumbai.  

Dravidians versus the Aryans ?
Blacks versus the white ?
Poor versus the rich ?
Secularists versus the fundamentalists ?
Ravana versus  Rama ( note this is not Rama versus Ravana but the other way round)
Modi versus Sonia
North versus South
Kaala is a cinematic simulation of the real life political khichdi

Every dialogue, every costume, every actor and every set leaves you guessing …
Aiyo …. Thalaivarey  where exactly will be your political leaning   ?

With no other bankable star presence other than the most bankable SUPER STAR himself, the film in its totality does not seem to ring the bells and its producers are not exactly laughing their way to the banks.

But then this is no movie review. Like they say there are no good movies and bad movies when you watch a Rajini movie. 

Such classifications are for the lesser movies and lesser mortals.

Apart from ‘Thalaivar’ himself who has done a role that fits his age and his current agenda of making an entry into the TN political scene, all other actors have done a fairly good job.  The legendary Nana Patekar could have got himself a dubbed voice when speaking Tamil. It was not easy on the ears watching him fumble with his Tamil. ( Perhaps he was trying to enact Modi to perfection who knows ?)

Noteworthy among others were Anjali Patil ... ‘Puyal  Charumathi’ who has rendered her role to near
She is one upcoming actor to watch out for …

Was happy to see that two of ‘Newton’ lead artistes Anjali Patil and Pankaj Tripathi have got a break with meaty roles in a ‘Thalaivar’ movie. Apparently Pankaj Tripathi signed up for Kaala only to meet Rajinikanth.  

A long pending post of the review of that award winning movie ‘Newton’ will follow next … stay tuned to this blog site.
I promise to wake up from my long hibernation .
Is’nt that the effect a ‘Thalaivar’ movie is supposed to have on you ?     


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