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For the last one month I have resisted eating out ( except occassionally), Occassionally I have walked to work (it is faster than driving these days in Bangalore) , cleared up my clutter of books that i have collected over the years to sell them for a charity.  For those who can see me everyday I am going to exchange some great collections of classic old movies in exchange of a small donation to OXFAM. 
No .. I am not in dire financial crisis. 
Far from it .. this is my payback time to all the opportunities that I have had and others have not ... 
Talk about a challenge!
In the month of January I along with Sowmya, Merlyn and Praveen will be walking 50 km (31 Miles) to raise money and awareness for Oxfam India.
 The event is Oxfam Trailwalker. It is starting from the edge of a beautiful valley of Nandihills near Bangalore and along the trail is a walk that is all set to give us a challenging rural experience. 
The trail will take us through more than 30 villages including checkpoints, farm lands of grapes, vegetable, flower and valley around the trail.
Click here to see my reflections Last year's OXFAM Trailwalker  over a small one minute movie. 
Teams of four enter this event and have 24 hours to walk or run the 50 km trail, although our team is hoping to finish in less than 15 hours .  It’s very likely that we’ll walk through the night (with little or no sleep) until the end. 
Through this event we raise vital funds for Oxfam India.  Oxfam is an independent, secular, non-government organization working in more than 28 countries and Indigenous India.
My team .NOMADS, is hoping to raise well over INR 70000 ( USD 1000) to help some of the world’s poorest people. Our fundraising enables Oxfam to continue its work delivering projects that support orphans and also the money we raise builds the lives of some of India's most poorest communities but people we support don't want to survive on aid and assistance forever. They have the right to lead a dignified life. Oxfam India works in partnership with over 60 grassroots NGOs to address root causes of poverty and injustice.
My Oxfam Trailwalker team, Sowmya KB, Merlyn Fernandes and Praveen CR and I will be going the distance and hope that you can support us in this massive challenge. Please consider how you may be able to get behind us, either by sponsoring us directly or referring us to others.  If you would like to sponsor us please follow the link:
The work that Oxfam does is vital to so many people worldwide and  50km is a long way to walk!  But putting ourselves through months of intense training to walk  50 km is worth it for the impact our fundraising has on others through Oxfam India programs.
Remember no amount is a small amount and you do not have to be embarassed donating a small amount.  It is your support that counts. We count on friends like you to please give generously if you can and consider how your donation can make a real difference. And if you cannot that is ok as well.  
Do not hesitate.  Pull out that credit / Debit card of yours right away and Donate.  Be assured that your money is making a difference to the lives of the underprivileged somewhere in India.  
Thank you!
Steps to be followed for donation-
1.       Click on the link
2.       Scroll down to select support a team>> in the pop up window click donate
3.       A page will open, select contribute to team>>select City Bengalurur>> from the drop down for the team name select –Nomads(Statestreet)
4.       You will then see the details of team members, followed with details to fill in the amount you wish to donate and your personal information. Fill that
5.       Proceed further to donate either through credit/ debit card and make payments of your  choice.

 Keep in touch. We will let you know how we fared by the 22nd of January. 

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  1. I also love to donate at this kind of charity and I love this blog and want to share this with all my co-worker working in the coworking space in Bangalore, so thanks for sharing this.


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