Saturday, January 16, 2016

When the lights turned red ...

When the lights turned red ...

I clicked this as the van before me and I were destined to spend precisely 133 more seconds at the traffic light.

That is what the red light ticking by seconds indicated. Enough time to pull up the mobile camera and click away although I will have to scribble my thoughts later. .

The scene before me was grotesque. I rolled up my windows to quell the stench and turned on the air conditioning. But I could not escape the sight.

They were so docile. As though they knew what they were destined for and the futility of fighting over a better view or more space compared to the fellow chicken stuck in the coop. Certainly they must have learnt the lessons over a period of time.

How long could that have been ? 
Since the time they were picked up from the poultry farm. 
Was that this morning ? Yesterday ? 
Whatever. Could not have been long ago.

I noticed some were injured. Some had their legs broken or stuck in between the wire mesh.

Initially the vegetarian in me felt a rush of 'Holier-than-thou-feeling' surge out of me.

I cut that line of thought  immediately. 
This was the way of life.

Chicken coop or cubicle jungle or the corner office. Isn't it all much the same. 

We learn our place in the scheme of things sooner or later. 
We acknowledge the pecking order over time. 
We realize the futility of putting up a fight depending upon what our survival instinct tells us at that point in time.

The car behind me is honking. The green light will be on in 9 seconds and I get into the drive mode.

It is yet another day at work.

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