Friday, June 05, 2015

Mehmanbaazi - Indian style hospitality

Mehmanbaazi - Indian style hospitality

This sign board at the one and only pay and use toilet inside the Taj Mahal ( the original one in Agra) says it all.

I fumed citing the injustice to the janitor who was obligingly rolling out toilet tissues to my American guest while I had to desperately hold my bladder while trying to fish out a Rs. 2 coin from my handbag.

He apologised and said Indians did not know how to use public toilets, especially in the matter of using the toilet tissues. Before I could speak any further he clarified that it was not the lack of civic sense among Indians that causes this notice to be put up, but plain economics. The foreigners pay Rs. 750 as entrance fee to the Taj, whereas Indians ( the legal heirs to Shahjahan) need to pay a mere Rs. 20 as entrance fees.  Therefore waiving off the toilet fee was only a justified freebie for the 'mehmaan'. ( Guest)

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