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Y - Years in Chronology

Four generations: Three continents: Two world wars: One village 
These are tales spanning four generations spread across three continents in between and after the two world wars of people who set forth under different circumstances from one small village called Agaramangudi.   

The story line traverses through different time lines, locations or incidents with no particular order. The only order being the alphabetical one – A to Z meant purposefully for the A to Z challenge. These posts can be read as standalone posts, but would be best comprehended if you read them along with their prelude provided as a link.

Years in Chronology

Y – Years in chronology 

I cannot take refuge in clich√©d disclaimer ‘All characters featured in this Tale are fictitious and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental’

Here is what is closer to truth.

Many characters featured here were people who lived and are living. Abundant care has been taken not to potray anyone in poor light. All names have been changed to maintain the anonymity of all those living as well as dead.  Should anyone take objection to anything that has been depicted here, please connect with me and we can take it further.

All characters and incidents captured through this A to Z challenge were based  on 40% reality, 30% Fiction and the rest as a heady mix and match of fact, fiction, narration, imagination and extrapolation.         

This post is an attempt to separate fact and fiction 

The following years in chronology alternates between the fictitious ones featured over here and the real ones that occurred through the last 100 years.

1907 – Sundari was married to Sapthagiri Shastry’s grandson and  went on to live in Calcutta

1910 – 1914 – Mass Migration of lower caste farm labourers from India as indentured workers to Mauritius and Jamaica from the Ports of Madras and Bombay. 

1914 – Recently widowed Maragatham Padayachi sees off her son Manickam Padayachi at Karaikkal Port  who enlists as an indentured labourer to work in the sugar plantations in Mauritius.   

1914 – Sri Lakshmi Nivas was built by Natesa Iyer  where he moved in after his marriage to Lakshmi Ponnammal.

1914 – World war one breaks  out in Europe.

1916 - Maragatham Padayachi gives birth to a baby boy at the cattle shed in Agaramangudi
1917 – Cousins Subbu and Kittu were born months apart from each other.  

1929 – E V Ramasamy Naicker,  later known as E V R Periyar announced the deletion of his caste surname Naicker (Naidu) from his name at the First Provincial Self-Respect Conference of Chenggalpattu

1930 – Sundari sails on a voyage from the Bombay port to South Hampton along with her husband to Geneva.  

1930 – Sir C V Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm, the second Indian to receive the award after Rabindranath Tagore

1939 – E V R Periyar founded the Justice party renamed as Dravidar Kazhagam in 1944.

1939  - Subbu and Kittu attempt to run away from Agaramangudi to enlist into the Pattalam.  

1940 – British commonwealth army enlists 200,000 volunteers  from India  to fight the World war II in North Africa and Europe.

1941 – British fight the Germans in North Africa

1942 – Susee marries Subbu and steps into Sri Lakshmi Nivas where she would live for the next 40 years. 

1944 – British fight the Germans in Italy  
1945 – End of World war II. The Americans  drop the bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
1947 – Indian independence

1948 - Kittu marries Parminder Kaur 
1952 – Maalu and Neelu, Subbu and Kittu's daughters are born days apart from each other. 
1961 - Nagammai, Sivachami Padayachi's wife passes away. Their nine year old daughter Thenmozhi leaves Agaramangudi to live with her maternal grandmother and  uncle. 

1969 - A disenchanted Nammazhvar, who would later become famous for advocating organic farming resigns his job at the Agricultural Research institute at kovilpatti. 

1971 – Maalu gets engaged to be married. Drops off from college.
1979 - Sivachami Padayachi passes away.  
1982 – Subbu and Susee migrate to Madras for good.
2002 - Subbu passes away from natural causes due to old age in Chennai.  
2007 – S P Thenmozhi is elected as the Panchayat President  of Agaramangudi Taluk 

2008 – Sub-Prime crisis and the onset of  global recession.   

2010 – Susee passes away in Whitefield, Bangalore.

Tommorrow watch out  Z - Zephyr's of change for the amalgamation of all the fact, fiction, narration, imagination and extrapolation   

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  1. 200,000 volunteers from India to fight the World war II in North Africa and Europe. .... wonder how many came back.


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