Monday, September 09, 2013

My creepy wild forest ( part 3)

My creepy wild forest is a joy to behold.

It is no botanical garden . But over a 10 by 7  feet triangular sit out area this is possibly the best  exhibition of flora of about eighteen species of plants.

Ok ...That may be viewed as a very narcissititic and boastful proclamation for an amateur gardener. 
But what the heck … Am I not entitled to a little pride like everyone else.

They say in Tamil 'Kakkaikkum than kunju pon kunju' ( Even to the ugly crow, its little one is the cutest and prettiest …) .

The translation may not be exacting but I am sure you get the drift.

On similar lines … take it or leave it. ... My creepy wild forest is the best. 

As I sit and write this piece a gentle waft of the fragrance of Jathi malli permeates all over my balcony.

The little podalangai (snake gourd) plant that sprouted a couple of months ago  ( read part 2 of creepy wild forest) yielded a full podalangai (snake gourd) after creeping all over to the balcony up the second floor apartment.  The residents at the second floor  were gracious enough to let us pick up our harvest from their balcony.


Two small Karela ( Bitter gourd)  creepers are joyfully growing up making the creepy wild forest even more denser.  Sometimes we wonder if they will block the sunlight out  of the balcony.

'Andhi mantharai',  the flower that blooms only in the evenings adds colour to the little wild forest. With magenta and orange we added two more hybrids to our collection.  One with Yellow and Magenta and the other that is a shade of pink coming from a hybrid of magenta and white bloom every evening.

I start for work early and attempt to return home by sunset to relish the  blooming of these flowers. They do not last until the morning.

I have googled ... they are not the same as evening primrose.  Although Andhi mantharai could easily translate into something similar in English.         

We harvested a few tomatoes this season. 

The incredible joy of cooking what grows in your own garden is something that I am relishing these days. 

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  1. hi jaya... sundaikai also from your garden...waw... great .. I am too happy to see this. excellent... I can give a pet name to your mom as " sedi kodi chithar"... hats off


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