Sunday, May 19, 2013

Flowers amidst the urban jungle

This unusual flower caught our fancy when we went for a walk into the layout this evening.
We asked the man who tends that garden and he said it was called ‘bald lily’.
He allowed us inside his garden to take some up and close pictures of the exotic flower .        


It is the season of Gulmohars. The gulmohars are in full bloom all over at this time of the year.

The bright orange colour of the trees is striking from a distance.  

Somewhere in March it was the season of Cherry Blossom.
In just about a week’s time trees all over Bangalore blossomed and withered away before you knew it.
Around the third week of march , just about it was time for Holi I was doing a lot of drving around since Appa was admitted into the hospital.

What could have been days of extreme stress were lightened up by the amazing sight of these cherry blossom trees planted all along the road. This must have been the foresight of Hindustan unilever about 25 years ago,  who owned a good part of the real estate around Brookfields before it became the concrete jungle that it is today.

I had parked my car underneath a cherry blossom tree and gone into the hospital.
When I came back a couple of hours later , I did not have the heart to drive away my car as it was compeletely showered with the falling flowers from the Cherry blossom trees.

 ‘Etthanai kodi inbam vaithai engal iravaa … ‘ I hummed the song almost involuntarily.
How many millions of little things there are in this world that give you joy….   

Little things that give you joy.   

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